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Publications & online-datasets

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Dataset available from Cheruvelil et al. (2013)

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           Data deposited online at Dryad:

Cheruvelil, KS, PA Soranno, KE Webster, and MT Bremigan (2013) Data from: Multi-scaled drivers of ecosystem state: Quantifying the importance of regional spatial scale. Dryad Digital Repository.

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    Data deposited online at Dryad:

    Fergus C.E., Soranno P.A., Cheruvelil K.S., Bremigan M.T. (2011) Data from: Multi-  scale landscape and wetland drivers of lake total phosphorus and water color. Dryad Digital Repository.

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Dataset available from Cheruvelil et al. (2013)

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    • Data deposited online at Dryad:

    Soranno PA, Cheruvelil KS, Stevenson RJ, Rollins SL, Holden SW, Heaton S, Torng E. 2008. Data from: A framework for developing ecosystem-specific nutrient criteria: integrating biological thresholds with predictive modeling. Dryad Digital Repository.

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Dataset available from Cheruvelil et al. (2013)

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